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You should be able to find all the answers to your questions, whether they are general trading queries or specific queries about our trading platforms. An interactive customer service hub where you can search for specific keywords or by relevant topic. We are consistently updating our answers so keep checking in for all our up to date support



  • Our charting packages

    Our platform offers different display styles with a range of drawing tools. You can also add a variety of different studies and save your settings. Click the Chart icon on a market. Click the Charts tab and then click Type to choose your display style.

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  • MT4 accounts can be opened in GBP, USD or EUR. Trader Pro accounts can be opened in all of the major currencies, if you have a bespoke request please contact our Client Support team on +44 (0) 20 7392 1494 or be email on Customer.Service@ETXCapital.com

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  • Equities available on our platform

    You can find the stock you wish to trade ​on by using the Search bar on the trading platform.

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  • Where to find your overall profit or loss on a position

    This will depend on the trading platform which you are using;

    ETX TraderPro

    • Look for the ‘Open Positions’ tab on the lower half of your screen. You will see a list of your current positions, including the date and time they were opened, the quantity ‘bought’ or ‘sold’, the margin reserved and the price of the product in question at the open of the trade as well as its current price.
    • The ‘P/L’ column next to it shows the current level of profit or loss. If the trade is currently in profit, the amount shown will be in white. If the position is currently trading at a loss, the figure will be shown in red. On the right there are buttons giving the trader the option of seeing a product chart, creating a new alert, trading further on the product in question, or closing the trade.

    ETX MT4

    • The open trades can be found in the terminal window of the MT4 platform. This is most often found if you look at the bottom of the screen. Should it not be visible on your platform the terminal window can be added to your view by clicking 'view' in the menu at the top. By selecting the 'trade' tab you are able to see your open trades, as well as your current account balance.
    • You will see the relevant details of your trades (time opened, type, size, symbol, price). You can click on a specific trade and a window will open, giving you options which include allowing you to close the trade.

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