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Equities Rates

All publicly traded companies, as their description implies, offer stocks which can be traded on the open market. ETX Capital gives clients the chance to take a position on the shares offered by such companies, including many of the largest and best-known multinationals.

The share price of a company depends on that firm’s perceived value, which can be influenced by a variety of factors including company results, news relating to rival companies and general information concerning that general market sector.

ETX Capital offers traders the ability to trade on equities with a degree of leverage. A small sample of some of the equities available to trade on with ETX Capital can be seen below, including available rates of leverage.


  Commission Margin from
MT4 Leverage from
UK 100 0.1% 20% 1:5
UK 250 0.1% 20% 1:5
UK Small Cap 0.1% 20% 1:5
Europe Major 0.1% 20% 1:5
  Comission Margin from
MT4 Leverage from
US Major 2 cents 20% 1:5
US Minor 2 cents  20% 1:5
Australia 0.2% 20% 1.5
Czech Republic 0.1% 20%  1.5
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