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ETX Binary

Binary trading has been making waves throughout the financial world, and ETX Capital is proud to be able to offer an exciting and interactive binary platform to its clients. ETX Capital traders have access to a wide range of FX Pairs as well as a number of different binary option formats which traders can select from.


Binary Trading: From a Day to a Minute


Binary Trading: From a Day to a Minute

The platform offers traders the choice between options of as long as 24 hours and as short as 60 seconds. With the short-term options, traders can experience the excitement of seeing their positions move between winning and losing positions as the expiry time gets closer and closer. The longer term options allow traders to make simple choices based over a slightly longer time period; for example, will EURUSD be lower or higher in a day’s time?

Payouts and Losses

Traders should be aware that losing trades result in the loss of 100% of the amount invested (though not a penny more). However, when it comes to winning trades, ETX Capital offers profits of between 65%-100%. Before entering into a trade on the ETX Binary platform, you will be able to see what your potential level of profit could be if your trade is successful, thanks to the platform’s automatic calculator tool.

Another feature offered on the ETX Binary platform is the ability to close your position early – in the middle of the trade – and taking a lower level of loss or profit, depending on the point of the position at the time of closing. Let’s take a look at an example; Let’s say that I decide to trade EURUSD. The platform is currently offering a return of 75% for profitable trades – this means that if my trade is successful, I will receive my original investment back, plus a further 75% of my investment amount. For example, were I to believe that EURUSD will go up and put £50 into a trade to that effect, if I am wrong then I will lose 100% of that £50 investment. However, if I am proved correct, I would receive that £50 back, plus a further 75% of my investment - another £37.50 – making £87.50 in total.

As a further option, if I wanted to cut my losses or ensure a profit, I could do so, closing the trade early by accepting the amount being offered to me at that point in time, which would be dependent largely on the current position of the trade.


Trade On the Move

With most types of trading, but with Binary options in particular, constant access to the markets can make the difference between making a profit and a loss. With ETX Capital’s platforms available on iPhone, iPad and Android, you’ll be able to access your trading account at your convenience.

Interactive Platform

ETX Binary Users can enjoy an interactive platform that makes trading a fun and immersive experience. Each product available on the Binary platform comes with its own chart, clearly showing the previous movement of the product in question. When a trade is opened, the position of the opened trade is clearly marked on the graph, allowing traders to keep constant track of exactly where the trade currently is relative to where it was at the start of the trade. The timer clearly shows how much time there is left until the trade expires, whilst an open position chart clearly shows the type of option being traded, the current status of the trade and the amount that would be received were the trader to close out early.

With ETX Binary containing all the above benefits, as well as many others, why not try it for yourself? Click here to register for an account today.