The webinar is based around a concept of live market analysis, identifying current trends, important market levels and what to expect from forthcoming economic data. This is a great chance to take an inside look at the TraderCast community and research platform in action.

About your host:

Phillip Konchar worked with a number of major brokerages and prop trading houses in London and Dublin. He has proprietary trading experience in energy commodities futures trading, including procurement of commodities for the physical delivery on behalf of a corporate client base.

Like many traders, Phillip began trading and investing with a long-only approach on unleveraged equities since 1996. In 2002 he started equity margin trading using level 2, DMA trading platforms and in 2004 he bolstered his portfolio by adding versatile CFDs and Spread Betting.

After sharing his experiences at various industry events and hundreds of workshops over the years, Philip launched in October 2014.

The leveraged trading products available on this website are not appropriate for everyone. It is possible for losses to exceed your account balance. Do not trade with funds you cannot afford to lose and seek advice if you do not understand the risks.